Services Provided

At Axis Podiatry we provide a comprehensive sports podiatry service which includes

  • Video Gait Analysis
  • Footwear Assessment and Prescription
  • Orthotic prescription using modern software and 3D scanning and biomechanical analysis.

Video Gait Analysis
Our video gait analysis is performed using Silicon Coach analysis software which allows for slow motion analysis for accurate diagnosis and comparison with previous assessments. This allows for ideal assessments when it comes to intra patient analysis or simple tasks such as footwear analysis to choose the ideal running/sports shoe that is appropriate for your foot type or situation.
An assessment of the total lower limb can be assessed which is extremely useful in working with other practitioners for the total benefit of the practitioner. It is a very useful tool also for patient education and making you understand the reasons behind your management plan.

Biomechanical Assessments
Accurate biomechanical assessments are extremely important in assisting with diagnosis and management. Our mechanical movement defines how efficient we are with our particular activity/sport and subsequently can play a major role in contributing to many problems that can occur. It also is extremely important in formulating an accurate and proper prescription for orthotic manufacture and fitting. This is where good biomechanical skill and and tools lead to better orthotics that have better outcomes.

Footwear Prescriptions
Using side by side video images accurate measurement and assessment can compare various footwear models to determine the most effective foot function outcome. There are numerous shoes from many manufacturers and to the general observer this can be overwhelming and confusing. Footwear is exceptionally important that is sport specific that must allow consideration for your foot type, symptoms, gender, foot shape and level of sport. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the more you spend the better the shoe. We can objectively prescribe the right shoe for you allowing for all the above considerations

Footwear Comparison
Our modern video gait analysis and software systems allow for accurate footwear comparison to assist us in choosing the right shoe for you. Some shoes can behave differently on each of us and this allows us to confirm our biomechanical and clinical findings

Orthotic Therapy
Fully Prescribed shoe inserts are fitted to improve foot function and relieve symptoms!! These are the product of thorough individual biomechanical assessment and with the assistance of modern digital 3D foot scan mapping. It is imperative that this process is as accurate as can be so as to maximise the benefits of your investment. There are numerous materials that can be chosen to maximise the customisation process.

Diabetic Care
Podiatrists form an integral part in the treatment of Diabetics. We provide Diabetics with management and education in regards to their foot health.

General Foot Care
Axis Podiatry also provides for general primary care of conditions such as corns, callous, warts, skin conditions and of course fungal nail infections and general nail care

Occupational Podiatry
Fabio has vast experience in managing patients with occupational concerns particularly in regards to the many types of shoes/boots that exist that are occupational specific. We provide a comprehensive service in regards to work place injuries, podiatry specific rehabilitation and occupational footwear prescription.
Paediatric Podiatry
Childrens assessments are widely welcomed particularly for intoeing and gait concerns.

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